Euro Separadora

Euro Separadora intends to be the benchmark company in the environmental sector. The company, guided by the corporate values of innovation, ambition, safety, corporate responsibility and treating customers as business partners, aims to stand out in the market for its position on transparency, the environmental protection and the safety of all partners.

In its continuing search for new solutions that add value to its business partners, Euro Separadora also aspires to do more and better, ensuring compliance with environmental and safety rules. Our values are life models to share with you...

Welcome to the World of Euro Separadora!



Creation of Euro Separadora - Tratamento de Lixos, Lda..


Product moved to current premises in Vila Verde.


Granted Waste Management Operations permit No. 02/2005 issued by CCDRN, for the management of construction and demolition waste.


The company began expanding its premises to create a hazardous waste sector and enlarge the sorting plant.
Granted addition to Waste Management Operations permit No. 19/2006 issued by CCDRN, with authorisation to manage hazardous industrial waste and waste electric and electronic equipement (WEE).


Carmona acquires majority stake in Euro Separadora in order to strenghten its market position.


Euro Separadora introduces an innovation in communications new site and new brand positioning. Avaiable on all mobile devices.
Expansion works completed.


Attribution of license no. 24/2016 / CCDRN after request of a substantial change of the previous charter.
Acquisition by the Founding Member and his family of the total capital of the company.


Renewal of the Certification of the Integrated System for Quality, Environment and Safety Management, including updating ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.
Renewal of the image of Euro Separadora.
Acquisition of new land for expansion of its activity.
Restructuring of the fire network, with the implementation of a water reserve, to supply the local community and support the ANPC in case of fire, thus reinforcing its character of social and environmental responsibility.


Begins operations collecting paper, card, plastic and glass. Ponte de Lima.


Granted Waste Management Operations permit No. 02/2003 issued by CCDRN, for the management of non hazardous waste such as paper and card, plastic, fabrics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, etc.


Granted addition to Waste Management Operations permit No. 19/2006 issued by CCDRN, with the conclusion of authorisation to manage new types of waste.


Company's name changed from Euro Separadora - Tratamento de Lixos, Lda to Euro Separadora - Gestão de Resíduos, Lda, with its corporate goals including the sale of water treatment equipment.


Start of Safety and Environmental Quality Management System certification process through TUV.


Quality, Environmental and Safety Certification.


Remodeling of the company's layout with the installation of a second mechanical sorting line in order to improve working conditions and increase production.